Recording the life stories of hospice patients

Today’s Salt Lake Tribune carried a story titled “Preserving their voices: S.L. County hospice records patients’ stories.” This is such a neat project. Hospice volunteers were trained to interview the patients and their families. The surviving family members each receive a CD of the interviews. The article states. “The Memory Catcher program was inspired by University of Utah English professor Meg Brady, who initiated an audio history program for terminal patients at the Huntsman Cancer Institute.” 

I hope this Memory Catcher at Silverado Hospice of Utah spreads to other places. I have heard of projects to preserve family memories of patients in regular nursing home, but not those in hospice care. Just think of how neat it will be for these family members to listen to the recorded stories. I imagine that the interviews also helped the patient and family members in other ways — including taking their minds off the inevitable end of life.

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