Native American Genealogy Crash Course

November 17th is the date! I will be presenting the Native American Genealogy Crash Course for Family Tree University via a webinar that evening.

Join me for the presentation and time for Q&A. I will be discussing  the best methods to trace your family’s Native American roots, tips and research tricks for learning more about your Native American ancestry, and you will learn about resources, repositories, and the methodology used to locate the records and determine the correct tribe, band, nation, community, or clan for your ancestral connections.

  • Key historical background relevant to your genealogy research
  • Useful and overlooked records kept about many different Native American tribes
  • What you can expect the available resources to tell you about your ancestors
  • Historical contexts that will make your searches return accurate results
  • Research examples that demonstrate what works (and help you avoid research pitfalls)

It’s one of my favorite subjects. “See” you on the 17th. (7:00 ET, 6:00 CT, 5:00 MT, 4:00 PT, 3:00 Alaska)

For pricing on this and other FTU courses, check the FTU website.

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2 comments on “Native American Genealogy Crash Course

  1. I have discovered through DNA results that I am 20% Native American. I have no idea where in my background this heritage originates. I am back to 2x great grandfather. I am wondering if your course covers Native American or First Nations resources in Canada.
    Thank you, in advance.

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