New online benefit for FGS member societies

At its annual conferences, the Federation of Genealogical Societies has a special day offering Logo91presentations directed at the leaders of genealogical societies, other volunteers, and the members of those organizations.

Not everyone knows that these presentations are also helpful in the running of other historical and ethnic organizations. The society technology lectures often help others seeking more knowledge of websites, tech tools, and more. A wide array of these presentations will be offered at the FGS 2016 four-day conference this August 31-September 3 in Springfield, Illinois. Anyone registered for the conference may attend the Focus on Societies presentations.

In the meantime, a new online benefit has been added for FGS member societies. “In an effort to expand some of the society management learning opportunities to more of our FGS Member Societies and thanks to the generosity of our speakers, FGS is now able to provide access to selected “Focus on Societies” Day audio recordings of selected past national conferences to FGS Member Society leaders!” The first set of these is from the 2014 FGS conference that was held in San Antonio, Texas.

The availability of these presentations is a suggestion I made to FGS last year. It’s neat to see it come to fruition. I am a member of the FGS Board of Directors and we are volunteers that do a lot to serve FGS member societies and all genealogists.

  • Learn more about the member benefit of these online recordings and to see the entire list, click here.
  • Learn more about the 2016 conference that will also be celebrating FGS’ 40th Anniversary! Click here.


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