My upcoming genealogy presentation locations: please join us

I am in Pittsburgh attending and lecturing at the 2017 Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference. I have already been asked the question about where do I go next.  This is my list of upcoming presentation locations. I am booked pretty full this fall but could do a few more. I am available for much of 2018 other than my presentations in Salt Lake City, Pittsburgh, near Buffalo, and Frankfurt, Kentucky,



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One thought on “My upcoming genealogy presentation locations: please join us

  1. Wow, you sure do get around!! I don’t know how you keep up with such a busy schedule.

    I see that you’ll be in Washington in early November. Any chance I could meet up with for dinner … or drinks? I would love to catch up. That is, if I’m not again on ‘the move’. I’ll tell you about that at later time.

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