Valentine’s Day means registering for summer 2018 genealogy education at GRIP

The Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh has 23 courses in THREE week-long learning opportunities in TWO locations (Pittsburgh, PA, and Amherst, NY) in 2018! Choose which week(s) to attend depending on your continuing education and research needs! Maybe you really need more immersion and can attend all three weeks!

  • La Roche College, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: 24-29 June 2018
  • La Roche College, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: 22-27 July 2018
  • Daemen College, Amherst, New York (Buffalo): 29 July-3 Aug 2018

February 14th, Valentine’s Day, is the opening day for registration. The registration hours are staggered for the three individual weeks.

At GRIP, my course, Intermediate Genealogy: Tools for Digging Deeper, is offered the latter two weeks with a variety of fantastic fellow instructors. In a future blog post, I will tell more about the special parts of this course and the instructors. It’s a course that provides great preparation for more advanced courses. It has been offered each year at GRIP.

Who attends GRIP? Researchers from all over the United States and Canada and even a few from other countries.

To learn more about GRIP:

If you have questions about the intermediate course, contact me via the comments to this post as others may have the same questions as you!


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