Cyndi’s Free List of Genealogy Websites turns 23

I’m trying to wrap my mind around what it must take to continually find, post, explain, double check, and then do updates as a website changes so that CyndisList keeps going for 23 years. Then Cyndi Ingle gets to spend hours delving deeper into many website to find things we can’t find via simple searches on our favorite search engine. 23 years! I have seen Cyndi at work and it still amazes me. I have some suggestions about how we can help her celebrate doing all this for us.

  1. Submit a new link to something that will truly assist someone in their family history quest. BEFORE submitting, be sure to check to see if she has already linked to that website or something within it.
  2. Find a broken link while using the list — submit a correction.
  3. Teach others about CL!
  4. Help keep CL going by making a contribution to help cover the expenses of the website, tech support, site hosting, tech support, and domain registration. She lets us use CL for free but all this comes out of her pocket unless we pitch in once in a while.
  5. Now, how do you contribute or submit a link or update. That’s easy. Visit and all the help is right there!

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2 comments on “Cyndi’s Free List of Genealogy Websites turns 23

  1. Thanks so much. I’ve been researching for over five years and was completely unaware of this resource.

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