March 30 class, Red Wing, MN on researching and writing

Easier Than You Think! Researching and Compiling Family History” is my next scheduled presentation for the Goodhue County Historical Society in Red Wing, Minnesota. Join me on March 30, 2019 from 1:00-3:00. We’ll cover analyzing various documents in the session with a hands-on session, list detail gaps or issues with these, and create step-by-step research plans that will form the basis for excellence in a family history quest. Success improves with careful planning, group discussion, and proven techniques to develop these research plans. This really is easier than you think, and you will leave this workshop feeling smarter, knowing more research resources, and in better control of your research. Bring a laptop computer or tablet if you have one. Session participants will have the opportunity to be the first ones to sign up for an individual consultation about your own research with Paula on April 8th. For more information call the Goodhue County Historical Society, 651-388-6024. This class is co-sponsored by Red Wing Community Education and the Goodhue County Historical Society. 

Class size is limited. The cost is $24 and includes a detailed handout. Be sure to register through Red Wing Community Education today! Call 651-385-4565 for any questions regarding registration. 

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3 comments on “March 30 class, Red Wing, MN on researching and writing

  1. Thanks. I’m doing MAAGI this summer. They were kind enough to keep my registration fee on hold after I had a last minute serious illness. I do have GRIP on my to do list. Maybe next year if all goes well. Thanks

  2. Alas, I am too far away to take advantage of this great sounding workshop. What I am struck by, though, is that I’m familiar with the names of the town and county, though I live halfway cross the country on the East coast! In researching Islay Walden, a 19th century African American Poet and missionary who was the founder of my family’s church in North Carolina, I discovered that the publication of his first volume of poems was advertised in Goodhue County (among other places) even though he was living in Washington DC. Seeing the name just now really caught my attention. FYI, the book is called, From Hill Town to Strieby: Education and the American Missionary Association in the Uwharrie “Back Country” of Randolph County, North Carolina (Backintyme Publishing, 2016). Thanks for the surprise memory.

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