Updates to Findmypast from Forfarshire and more

This past Friday’s news release from Findmypast excited me because I have much of my Scottish ancestry in Forfarshire including Brechin, Arbroath, Farnell, Craig by Montrose, Lunan, and Forfar. These are places connected to the ancestral families of my ancestor Helenor Edward who married James Stuart. Their son Alexander Charles Stuart was born in Arbroath in 1847. Helenor was born in Brechin in 1819. Other surnames are Allardice, Leighton, Jap, and Niddery. Of course, the spelling varies on all of these. Now to find time later this week to work in this set of records!

From the Findmypast update:

Scotland, Dundee & Forfarshire (Angus) Hearth Tax 1691

“Did you have Scottish ancestors from Dundee and the county of Forfarshire (Angus)? Search over 50,000 Hearth Tax records from 1691 to find out the number of hearths found within their home. Details like these will provide you with clues about the family’s wealth and status.”

Need more excitement? 7.1 million addition to the U.S. obituary collection and 18,000 article entries added to the PERiodical Source Index (PERSI).

Have fun checking these and other items at https://www.findmypast.com/.

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