Feb. 5 tomorrow register Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh: a special tip

20 courses to choose from. Three weeks of excellent genealogical education with something for every level of experience. Advance your knowledge of resources, methodology, using websites fully, understand DNA, learn where else to find surprising records, learn ways to write your history, go beyond the basics, and be immersed in family history with like-minded people from all over the world.

Tomorrow! February 5 registration opens for 20 courses at GRIP– summer genealogy immersion for all levels. Pre-register today to save time tomorrow and so you don’t miss getting in to your choice of a course. I suggest https://gripitt.org/courses/digging_deeper/ for you! We will have some hands-on work, info on places you didn’t know held records, and time for questions and answers. Plus you will be invited to share one of your research problems to be discusses and suggestions offered. Pre-register today to save time tomorrow: https://gripitt.org/registration/

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