Need some U. S. genealogy assistance?

Staying at home to be safe is not a problem with the consultations I do with clients and prospective clients. I have done them by Zoom, Google Hangout, and by phone over the last few weeks. I do have openings on my calendar starting next week for more. I can assist you with using any of the methods for a consultation. Clients send me documents as email attachments, by Google Docs, or place them in Dropbox. I review the material, make notes on questions and suggestions, and then we “talk” about their U.S. and Canadian research. It may be some of those missing ancestors, finding a place of birth, material that doesn’t quite make sense, or simply needing a research plan based on what you send to me. Some that I consult with are beginners at family history research and it’s like a private lesson on what to do.

A consultation is a minimum of 2 hours. The fee is $100 total payable via Paypal or check. Those 2 hours can be split up if you wish. If you want to continue after that, more hours can be added then or even a month or two later when more questions arise.

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