Free Virtual Genealogy Event: “Preserving Family History, Experiences, and Stories From the Pandemic.” May 14th

Free Virtual Genealogy Event: “Preserving Family History, Experiences, and Stories From the Pandemic.” Thursday, May 14 at 6:00 p.m. CDT online.

I’ve developed this with and for the Dakota County Historical Society here in Minnesota. We are all a part of this experience through the good times and the bad times. We need to preserve information for future historians and genealogists. Don’t you wish great grandma had left you stories about the 1918 flu pandemic? Don’t you wish you knew how they spent their days and weeks?

Have you been documenting your own story during this time of the Covid pandemic? Do you need some tips on doing this? Do you need ideas on what to preserve and how to do it? What do you want to exist in the future to tell people about your experience of dealing with and memories of living through this pandemic? The ideas include those for adults, children, and even your pets. Your experience may have included online family get-togethers, social media, signs in the window, journaling, blogging, photographs, parents learning new math, working from home, working on the front lines, and other things from daily life. We need to preserve with an eye towards what will be saved and will endure, versus not valued and tossed away. Comments from historical societies, archives, and other institutions about preservation will be shared. The presentation and accompanying handout provide all this and more.

Advance Registration is required. More information:…/789-may-14-virtual-genealog…. This program is offered free of charge, but I encourage you to make a donation to the Historical Society to offset the loss of revenue they have from all in-person programs cancelled from March thru May.

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