Reminder of discount on U.S. Government Records 101 and a special offer for genealogists

I think Family History Month should really be Family History Year or Every Year. If only more people would get involved in learning more about the research, records, analysis, and making sure that records back up what you think you know. I realized today that I don’t have the marriage date for my paternal grandparents. How did I miss that!

I am a big advocate of continuing education for genealogists. Until the end of 2021, I am offering a $15.00 discount on the cost for my course at Research Write Connect Academy. My Researching U.S. Government Records 101 is a four-session course that includes an extensive handout, suggested homework (you’ll be hooked) and special private Facebook group with chats, sharing, and updates. You will be invited to the Facebook page after you register for the course. 

Use Code PSW15 at

Until the end of October, you may also receive a special freebie from Research Write Connect Academy. Details are at:

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