Native American Heritage Month: Research Part I: Getting Started

Webinars: Legacy Family Tree Webinars and Ancestry Academy are two online places to find some webinars about various aspects of Native American research. No fee is needed for Ancestry Academy and Legacy webinars are initially free for a week. A Legacy webinars member ship is only $49.95. Here is my affiliate link if you wish to sign up.

Websites: These three are examples of the many online websites that share the beginning steps

The next posts on this topic will include some organizing and keeping track of your findings, books, websites, and basic records, and then about venturing into more specific Native American records. First, take on the task to have your basic family history research underway and understood. Don’t forget to obtain family information from aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, grandparents and even that second cousin you haven’t been in contact with since 1999.

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