My January 8th family teary memory with an extra genealogy connection

I woke up this morning to a text from my sister, Linda. She said, “Hope Grandma Pat gets her Mounds Bar today.” Our Mom, Pat, loved Mounds Bars. She died on today’s date in 2008. There are still days when I want to pick up the phone to call her. That’s even after her many years with Alzheimer’s when she was not the same person I knew. Today’s date is also the day when five years before my Mom’s death, her only sibling died. Same date, five years apart. Aunt Jeanie was a special woman and I miss her, too. It always hits me on this date, and I knew where I was when I was told about both deaths. I was in Salt Lake City at the Family History Library researching for clients and teaching at the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy. I miss my January time and fun with friends in SLC. Hopefully when this dang virus is under control, I can go back there and I hope for no more bad news on January 8.

I spent part of the day driving past the home where I was raised and some nearby areas here in Saint Paul. I think this day makes me extra sad because of two deaths. This old picture shows the sisters with their cigarettes. Sigh.

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2 comments on “My January 8th family teary memory with an extra genealogy connection

  1. Thanks Paula for sharing these thoughts! I, too, still have moments of thinking I can give Mom a jingle and chat! Love the photo — of special interest to me is the angel perched on the window sill. We had a plastic angel that was always our Christmas tree “topper” and it looked exactly like this one. We honor our deceased loved ones through our memories and missing them shows we love them. Be safe, keep busy… this pestilence will pass!

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