WWII babies fathered by German soldiers in occupied Europe

Today’s Washington Post carries a sobering story about a search for identity by children whose fathers have turned out to be German soldiers. As the Post says “Historians estimate that more than 800,000 children were born to German soldiers enforcing the four-year Nazi occupation of Europe, about 200,000 in France alone.” For one of the […]

Have Ancestors in the Southwest Germanic Areas?

From the GGS E-Connect, Newsletter of the Minnesota based Germanic Genealogy Society (GGS) Sunday, October 26 Southwest Germanic Regional Workshop Covering the areas of Alsace-Lorraine, Baden-Wùrttemberg, Hesse, Luxembourg, Palatinate (Pfalz) Rhineland, Saar, Switzerland. Place: Concordia University Library Technology Center Near the corner of Hamline Ave. and Concordia Ave., St. Paul, Minnesota Room 214 (above the […]