As a professional genealogist Paula can be hired for consultation, research projects, and presentations on a variety of topics. I am not a DNA specialist.

Consultation Services

Research Services


Paula Stuart-Warren, CG, FMGS, FUGA

2000 County RD B2 W #130231

St. Paul, Minnesota 55113

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  1. 2 questions

    1) I have a friend who has a sizeable collection of family information and who would like to have it complied into some sort of written family history. Do I dare refer her to you, or do you have someone who you would recommend who can assemble a “bunch of stuff” into a family story?

    2) Can I take you out to lunch and pay for a consultation? I would love to connect with you again and I have a major surname mystery concerning my great-grandfather’s desertion from the Civil War and changing his name and I need HELP!

    You live a fascinating life! Fun to track you on FB.
    Thanks much and hope we can connect.

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