Free Legacy Family Tree Webinar Oct 25: State level censuses of the Midwestern and Plains States

Mark your calendar, sign up for free, and join me for an October 25th afternoon webinar titled: Midwestern & Plains States Level Census Records Many Midwestern and Plains states have superb state census records. Learn about the indexes, the many personal details these censuses include, locating the censuses, and alternate sources. The lecture includes many […]

The 1940 Census Community Project is FINISHED

We did it! The word just received from the 1940 US Census Community Project is just that! It’s a really good feeling to have been part of those 160,000 volunteers. “Today just before 2:00 p.m. (MDT), the very last batch of the 1940 US Census was arbitrated and submitted for publication. The indexing portion of […]

Minnesota 1940 census index now available!

The index for the Minnesota 1940 census has gone live at! My plans for the day are now changed. I am guessing it will be at pretty soon. These indexes and images are FREE. This index was created by volunteers from all over the world. Many volunteers from the Minnesota Genealogical Society participated […]