It’s going to be a while before I will be planning any travel to do in-person presentations. I have been presenting virtual all-day seminars, webinars, and week-long institutes for several years and many in 2020 – 2023. I love the virtual method and it saves your organization the travel costs. It brings new registrants to your events, serves members who can’t attend in person, and I still spend time interacting with those who join in.

Paula’s historical and genealogical presentations are lively, yet professional and educational. Paula is comfortable with audiences and presents practical and accurate information. Each lecture content and accompanying handout material are updated prior to each presentation. She is accessible for questions at her presentations and enjoys discussing genealogy with the participants throughout the event time. The visuals and the handout material reflect research in a wide variety of locales. Her lectures have taken her to most states around the U.S., to Canada and on cruise ships! She was a Course Coordinator for many years for the annual Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy’s American Genealogy Records and Resources week-long intermediate course. She has coordinated courses and taught at other multi-day institutes including the ongoing GRIP Genealogy Institute since that began in 2012.

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Looking for a full-day speaker or a single webinar for your group or organization? Please e-mail me about my availability for your event date. I have a several-page Speaker Packet with details on numerous topics, experience, specific details, fees, and how I can help you promote your event. That will be sent to you via an email attachment.


Paula Stuart-Warren, CG, FMGS, FUGA
2000 County RD B2 West, #130231
St. Paul, Minnesota 55113


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  1. Busy, busy woman. Do you ever make a trip out west anymore? Looks like most of your presentations are online, which is only reasonable as it cuts down on the travel and you can probably cover a lot more ground that way.

    Think of you often.

    Cousin Nancy

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