Genealogical Lecture Topics

Paula Stuart-Warren, CG®, FMGS, FUGA

Some of these lectures can be tweaked to reflect specific geographic areas where the seminar will be presented. Most of these are suitable for webinar formats as well as in-person presentations. Several are available in lecture format or as a 2-hour interactive workshop. If you are thinking about a full day event, I can suggest topics that work well together and then a theme for the day.


Research Methodology & Aids

Other Topics

Specific Repositories & Geographic Areas

German, Irish, and Native American

Professional Genealogy Lectures

  • Branch Out: Expanding Your Business Beyond Client Research
  • The BUSINESS of Speaking
  • Structuring a Successful Genealogical Research Business
  • Becoming a Successful Professional Genealogist

Genealogical and Historical Society Topics

  • It Ain’t Brain Surgery! Publicity for Society Events & Activities
  • Creating the Operating Handbook Your Society Needs
  • Increasing Attendance at Your Annual Seminar or Conference
  • Problem Prevention and Problem Resolution
  • Twenty­-First Century Strategies for Handling Society Correspondence
  • Your Society Can’t Afford to Do A Seminar? Here’s How!

Luncheon & Banquet Presentations

These are lighter talks with a message and include humor. They are a perfect length (25­-30 minutes) for a banquet, luncheon, or at the end of a seminar day. I am willing to provide one of these at no extra cost if done on the day or evening of the event or the previous evening.

  • Prepared? Of Course! Genealogical Research Trips & Murphy’s Law
  • Why Do I Descend From THESE Families?
  • How I Fell Into Writing and Can’t Climb Out
  • Names and Genealogy? Mine? Yours? Theirs?
  • The Best Ask for Help
  • How to “Drag” Your Family into Genealogy

Note: Clickk here for capsule descriptions for most titles listed on this page. Please don’t hesitate to ask for others.

Updated March 2024

8 comments on “Genealogical Lecture Topics

  1. Hello, I am on the committee for selecting programs for the Dane County (Wisconsin) Area Genealogical Society. We offer zoom presentations of 50-55 minutes. I am writing to inquire about your fees. I participated in your presentation on NUCMC for the Wisconsin Genealogical Society some months ago, and enjoyed learning something entirely new. I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Hello, Paula,
    I received your name from Lisa Alzo. I am the second vice-president for the Genealogical Society of Palm Beach County in West Palm Beach, Florida. I am looking to secure a speaker for our January 28th, 2023 Winter Program.With the current Covid situation I am not sure to plan on a virtual or an in person program. Could you please send me your thoughts on this, and also your fees.
    Thank you.

  3. I am program co chair for the Eastside Genealogical Society, located near Seattle. I am trying to create a list of possible speakers for our group. You have an interesting list of topics! Are you available to give 1 hour virtual programs? Your fee?

    1. Hi Beth,

      I do give such virtual programs and have been doing that for several years. My fee is $200 per webinar and that includes all updating of the handout, slides, and being available for 15 minutes before the presentation and 15 (or however long) to respond to questions. I will email you the full details. I also help societies promote the webinar and encourage membership in the organization!

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