NEW Saint Paul, Minnesota newspaper titles on GenealogyBank!

Big news for Minnesota and Saint Paul researchers. Finally, some additional years of the Saint Paul Pioneer Press and Saint Paul Dispatch online. In a future post I will add more on the changing titles of Saint Paul newspapers but for now here’s this recent update from GenealogyBank. Update: check under Minnesota and then Saint Paul and St. Paul for all titles.

This is the Minnesota section of the listing of new and additional pages for newspapers state by state.

Read more about the new and updated newspapers on the GenealogyBank blog at

May 28 Genealogy Quick Start TV

Join me the evening of May 28, 2024 as a guest on Genealogy Quick Start TV. Free on YouTube and Facebook.

“Welcome to our community. We look forward to interacting live at 8:00 PM ET, every other Tuesday, as we multicast to Facebook and YouTube. Producer and host Shamele Jordon has the pleasure to be joined by internationally known genealogists/authors James M. Beidler and Michael John Neill, aka “Double Trouble”. GENEALOGY QUICK START is a 60-minute TV program providing the steps needed to begin researching your ancestry. We will explore hot topics with professional and everyday people researching family history. We will focus on the fun and creativity involved in uncovering our past. Topics include online research, records, DNA, and much more.

I’ve known Shamele, Jim, and Michael for many years and all because we have been volunteers working on genealogy conferences. Jim and I also served together on the Board of Directors of the Federation of Genealogical Societies. We all love education, giving back to our organizations, and believe in fun, too! Genealogy research is serious, exciting, and brings tears and laughter, sometimes within the same few minutes!

GRIP Genealogy Institute Virtual Week is soon. Some seats are still available

Syllabus sections all turned in and from what I have seen, there are a lot of reminders, tips, images, charts, websites, and published material. My PowerPoint presentations are in the fine tuning stage.

Still time to join us June 23-28, 2024 for some amazing education, sharing, networking, and some laughter, too. Weeklong Virtual Courses. GRIP Genealogy Institute. I will be participating in the three courses listed below. Some “seats” are still open for Digging Deeper and Migrations. Farmers is full. More course details session by sessionis online at You can join us from your desk, couch, or kitchen table.

  • Digging Deeper: Records, Tools, and Skills (Intermediate level course. Coordinator and instructor)
  • Not Just Farmers: Records, Relationships, and the Reality of Their Lives (Instructor)
  • Midwest Family History Research: Migrations and Sources (Instructor)

Old Baltimore love letters with family history found in the wall.

Articles that tell stories like this make me smile at how wonderfu it is for the descendants. They also make me wish for such a discovery for my own family history.

The article goes into additional details that tell things the descendants did not know before the letters were found.

Free National Archives Genealogy Series

I love press releases like this from a few days ago. I plan to watch some and unfortunately have a couple conflicts on dates. I will later watch them on YouTube. The National Archives channel there already has extensive presentations and short videos.

National Archives kicks off annual online Genealogy Series for May, June 2024

Participate in our free genealogy series!

WHAT: Join our National Archives experts as they present sessions during our annual online Genealogy Series on YouTube. This educational series will teach you how to use federal resources at the National Archives for genealogical research. Sessions are intended for beginners to experienced family historians—all are welcome! 

Lecture schedule, topic descriptions, videos, and handouts are available at the 2024 Genealogy Series web page.  

 WHEN: May & June 2024—all sessions take place on Tuesdays at 1 p.m. ET

  • May 21 Welcome from Dr. Colleen Shogan, Archivist of the United States; Passport Records: Passport Applications at the National Archives, 1790s–1925 
  • May 28 After Their Service: Tracing the Lives of Native American Army Scouts​ 
  • June 4 Captured German Records Related to American Prisoners of War During World War II 
  • June 18 Alien Files (A-Files): Researching Immigrant Ancestors at the National Archives 
  • June 25 World War II Enemy Alien Records Related to Japanese Americans at the National Archives; Closing Remarks 

WHO: National Archives experts in government records will broadcast from facilities nationwide.

  • Claire Kluskens, Subject Matter Expert for Genealogy and Census Related Records and an archivist at the National Archives in Washington, DC
  • Cody White, Subject Matter Expert for Native American Related Records and an archivist at the National Archives at Denver, CO
  • Rachael Salyer, Subject Matter Expert in Modern Military Records and an archivist at the National Archives at College Park, MD
  • Elizabeth Burnes, Subject Matter Expert for Immigrant Related Records and an archivist at the National Archives at Kansas City, MO
  • David Castillo, archives specialist at the National Archives at College Park, MD 
  • Ruth Chan, Subject Matter Expert for Asian American and Pacific Islander Related Records and an archivist at the National Archives at San Francisco, CA 
  • Katharine Seitz, archives specialist at the National Archives in Washington, DC

WHERE: The series will be broadcast on the U.S. National Archives YouTube channel

HOW: Watch the broadcasts on YouTube. Participants can watch individual sessions, ask questions, and interact with presenters and other family historians. No need to register—just click the links on the schedule to view the sessions! Videos and handouts will remain available after the event. For more details, go to the 2024 Genealogy Series web page.

  • Captioning is available; just select the CC icon at the bottom of the YouTube video. 
  • Transcripts are available; send a request to If you require an alternative or additional accommodation for the event, please email


Genealogy instructor busy season.

I haven’t posted much this month. Like other instructors preparing for institutes, webinars, conferences, and seminars, it has been a busy month. The lilac photo is for my late maternal grandmother. Giving her a bouquet for Mother’s Day was our tradition. I miss her and my lilac bushes. Just seeing this picture shouts spring at me.

In the first 13 days of May, I have prepared 107 pages of syllabus and handout material. Seven were brand new presentations. The others needed to be updated, tweaked, and added to. In addition to that, the PowerPoint presentation slides needed to be created, updated, edited, tweaked, and a few were “dang it, that really shows my main points.” Oh, and I presented two webinars. 13 days was not all it takes to prepare those pages. It represents years of research, education, thinking, and developing.

All that was combined with work on a large legal document for a client that had a recent deadline.

I will be back to blogging, catching up on work for my other clients, and maybe a few hours of just reading something totally fluffy! There is also a Minnesota Twins baseball game in my future. One of my great grandson’s games, too. My grandnephew’s high school graduation party is soon. Much of yesterday was spent with my daughter and her children, then a lengthy conversation with my oldest son. Whether or not it is Mother’s Day, family is important. I am blessed to have family by blood and by choice. That includes my fellow family historians.

Now, go say something kind to someone in your sphere or hug them, do something good for yourself, and don’t forget to then catch up on the ever-updating world of genealogy education.

MyHeritage adds NYC vital records and indexes

37.4 million records for New York City. MyHeritage is the only genealogy company that hosts the index for these records with scanned images, even names of witnesses and parents are indexed. I found some entries I need to research more, but am pretty sure where they fit in.

You can search the collections here:

Search New York City Births, 1866–1909 on MyHeritage

Search New York City Marriages, 1866–1949 on MyHeritage

Search New York City Deaths, 1866–1948 on MyHeritage

Many more details on the MyHeritage Blog.

p.s. The Mother’s Day DNA sale is still on. $39 for the test kit plus shipping unless you order two or more.

Legacy Family Tree Webinars 50% off sale

It’s the Legacy Family Tree Webinars spring webinar sale! Do you know about the almost 2200 webinars and 8500 syllabus pages presented by more than 400 speakers from around the world? If you aren’t a current member, you are missing out on some wonderful online genealogical and historical education.

A special link that provides the 50% discount is found in the Join Now button in the blog article here:

or via my Legacy Family Tree Webinars $25 sale affiliate link

The offer expires on April 28, and is valid for new memberships only.

Free afternoon webinar on the WPA and Historical Records Survey on April 19

Finishing the updating of my PPT for tomorrow’s presentation on the WPA and the Historical Records survey and all the indexes, records, and descriptions that genealogists should be using today. Many already research in some of these without knowing the how, when, why, and where.

Join me tomorrow for this free webinar sponsored by the Houston, Texas Public Library’s Family History Research Center at the Clayton Library.