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You may post a comment after each post on the blog or contact me by email: PaulaStuartWarren at If you are seeking information on my presentation services, be sure to look under the Speaking tab for more details and then email me with some details. I will respond with information on my services, availability, and rates. If you are seeking a consultation or research services, email for details on those services and rates. I’m usually booked at least a couple months in advance.

13 comments on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Hi Paula,
    I’ve decided to finally finish certification. The BCG prelim app asks if “I attend BCG webinars regularly ?” I started to pursue certification many yrs ago but a grandchild, illness, family issues, etc. put all that on hold. I have Evidence Explained, Professional Gen manual and the new standards (had the Millenium edition ). I’ve done my family history plus research for friends. My current project is writing a history of my uncle’s WWII experience. I used to get ON Board, The American Genealogist &PMHB. I’ve attended many NGS conferences plus my state conference. I’ve also gone on to Ireland with TIARA (The Irish Ancestral Res Asso) thru the New England Hist. Gen Soc. for a week long research trip. I know there are areas I must work on (DNA and source citations). I plan to take the next few months to try to fill in some of the boxes on the Prelim App. The reason for this email is would I be able to log into some of the webinars ? If so, how would I do that ?
    Thank you for your help with this,

    Karen Breslin

  2. Hello Paula,

    I’m trying to find out which Native American tribe I come from. I have started some work on a family tree, but I’m having trouble. I currently live in California, I’m wondering if that would be an issue? Would love to get a quote from you!

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Thank you for your interest in my research and consultation services. Your place of residence is not an issue. I have emailed you further information. A consultation is a great place to start and then you can decide what you can do yourself and what you might need me to do for you.

  3. Hi Paula,
    I’m looking to find out how far back my Padden family line goes in the US, and it looks like we’re (my wife and I are) stuck at a point that might require local research to be done in MN. But we’re on the West Coast. So I’m looking for some research assistance in that region.

    This is as far back as we’ve gone:

    Any assistance with at least the male Paddens is what we’re looking for. Assistance with spouses and children is welcome, but not as necessary. Most of that will depend on pricing structure.

    Any guidance is welcome. Thanks!

  4. Hi Paula,
    My brother ran across your website and I haven’t “dug” around it yet, but it seems very interesting and informative. Our Mother passed away when we were 6 & 7 YO. We have always been told that we are Native American, but have no clue as to what tribe. It is believed that our Grandfather was Native, My Mother never talked about her family, her mother passed away when she was about 7 y.o. as well. I don’t know if my Mother even knew who her father was, her mother was an unwed mother when she had her. We have, as of yet, not been able to locate her birth certificate, we have her Application for a Social Security Number and her death certificate. I now believe that my Mother may have been born in a home for Un-wed mothers, I have to check into that. It has been said than my Mom was scarred by anti-Indian attitudes early on in life and often condemned being Native, she had said she was French-Canadian, which might not be too far off. She was born in Drayton, ND and during that time there were a lot of Metis’ People living there. I am not sure about the Native Tribes during that time. I was thinking about doing a DNA test, but I found out that they only will tell IF we are Native, not which Tribe. For over 40 years we have had nothing on my Mother’s side of the family. I have now been able to connect with a few older 2nd cousins, but they don’t know anything on my mother either. Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions, we have come to a road block. If we are not Native, we are OK with that, we are just wanting to know “who we are” and “where we came from”, it would be nice to connect of learn about our Grandfather and the rest of the family.
    Thank you so much for your time.

    1. Hi Melody,
      I do suggest DNA testing to help in identifying that you do have Native American heritage. Yes it tells that but not which tribe. Your best bet is to consult with a Native American research specialist. I am one and do offer consultations by mail, email, in-person, and via other ways. A two-hour consultation is $100. I review what you already know and give suggestions for further research. Let me know if you wish more info and I will email it to you. Paula

  5. Paula I am looking at my family’s history which you worked on a while back in 1998 called Helendale Farm and the James B Power Family…you reference a thesis written by a John Wayne Aljets. I would love to get a copy digital if possible of this thesis. Where did you find it?

    Teri Power

    1. Holy Moly! That’s a test of the ol’ memory. I suggest starting at the North Dakota Institute for Regional Studies. Most of my files were turned back to the family member that hired me to work on the booklet. He didn’t want full citations in the publication. I do have some files but they are buried way back in a storage unit. It may be several months before I can unearth them. Don’t let me forget!

  6. I work full time and am not able to attend the webseminar you just had on Native American. My DNA shows that I’m 55% Native American. I’m at a brick wall on both my paternal and maternal ancestors. Do you have a book to recommend that would shows me how to research Native American records? How much would the CD or DVD cost of the web seminar you just had cost? Thank you.

    1. My Native American presentations for Ancestry Academy and Family Tree University are always available. Just check their websites and sign up to view at your leisure and even stop and start as need by. Handout material accompanies each and includes many book and website references.

  7. Paula, your new website looks wonderful!!! It’s clean and easy to find things that are contained in it.

    Good luck on it!

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