Genealogists! IGHR has a new Executive Director! You may know this name.

Today’s Press Release is of great interest! Cyndi Ingle has been a long-time friend, both personally and genealogically. IGHR is a long-standing and well-known institute. I attended the excellent virtual course on New York research this past July. The details from the Georgia Genealogical Society: I am delighted to share with you that Cyndi Ingle […]

Genealogy should not be a solitary passion. Use the buddy system!

I bet you are sitting alone in front of your computer as you read this. Maybe you were doing some browsing on social media including Twitter, Facebook, or whatever your favorite ones are. Last evening did you spend time on a free or subscription genealogy website? Is your genealogy software data entry up-to-date? If your […]

Free advertising for society events

What could be better than free advertising?! On top of being free, this free advertising reaches thousands of readers. Don’t you want more members and more folks registered for your seminars? The Federation of Genealogical Societies offers just such an opportunity. Your event listing has the potential of appearing in the FGS Voice blog, FGS […]

Voting? Genealogy too!

I really don’t think there should be a question mark in that title. Whether it be our national, state, county, or city elections it should not be a question. I feel it is a right, a privilege and a duty. I’d like to take that a step further and talk about organizations. Churches, schools, civic […]

Support your local genealogical society and one other

Have you given some thought to all those other genealogists who walk through the cemetery and transcribe the info found on the tombstones? How about those who edit genealogy newsletters and quarterly journals? Who teaches classes in the area where you live? I’ll bet the local genealogical society plays a large part in all of […]