FamilySearch keeps growing by giant steps

Today’s press release from FamilySearch relates that “FamilySearch added 31 million new, free records online this past week for Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Hungary, Italy, Micronesia, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, and the U.S. What a bonus for those with California roots—over 24 million California birth records were added from 1905 […]

FamilySearch adds 9 million images from 9 countries!

Another good news press release from FamilySearch “22 March 20119 Million Free Browsable Images from 9 Countries Added: New Records for Brazil, Canada, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, Italy, Mexico, U.S., and Venezuela The bounty just keeps coming from FamilySearch’s digital pipeline. Mexico collections earned the top spot this week, with nearly 5 million new browsable […]

Louisiana Slave Records, 1719-1820

One of the blogs I regularly read is the “Ancestry Insider” which is written by “a person” who is currently a FamilySearch employee and formerly worked for The Insider continues to cover both FamilySearch and The writing is entertaining educational, and truthful. Successes, problems, neat features, corrections, and future plans for both sites […]