Where is she now?

Earlier this week a friend sent an email that began with the words “where are you now?” I am actually in St. Paul for the next month. This coming week is federal jury duty. This is all while I am in the midst of meeting client work and writing deadlines. As if that is not enough, I am packing to move! When I moved out of the four bedroom, two story house three years ago, I thought that was difficult. Lots was tossed, shared with family members, and much was put into storage. It is time to condense once again.

Where am I going? Well – when I figure out where I want to live when I grow up, I will have that answer. It will likely be condo in a northern suburb of the St. Paul -Minneapolis area. I have seriously thought about Washington, DC, Salt Lake City, Boston and other places — but leaving the grandchildren would be too difficult for me right now.

In the meantime I will be living in Zimmerman, Minnesota. I am temporarily moving into the lower level of my oldest son’s house (his invitation!). I will get to see my oldest granddaughter, age 13, all the time. One of the youngest grandchildren, age 8 who lives in Duluth, asked why I wasn’t moving in with them. Ah, cousin rivalry.

The next trip will be a combination research, visiting friends, and speaking at a genealogy conference adventure. The conference is the Federation of Genealogical Societies/Allen County Public Library 4 day extravaganza. Check it out at http://www.fgsconference.org/

I will let you know my new address and e-mail address shortly.

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