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One of publications that I subscribe to is Digital Genealogist. It is edited by Elizabeth Kelley Kerstens, CG, CGL. Liz was editor of the Computer Genealogist that was published by Ancestry. Liz created the Digital Genealogist to fill the void left by the demise of that publication. She is also the editor of the NGS NewsMagazine. I eagerly await notice of each new issue and as a disclaimer, I don’t write for DG and paid for my own subscription. DG is only available online which is so fitting. I do read this publication from beginning to end and add considerably to my technology related education. I am not a techie by any means, but I can understand what is written, gain practical knowledge, and even better, learn while sitting at home in my robe.

The Table of Contents for the current issue is online and features articles and columns by some well-known names. The range of articles is impressive and as usual, includes the regular column for MAC users. Another regular column gives us a refresher on search engines, key words and phrases, and related help this time. Another explains more about the wealth of info provided by Google Maps, finding addresses, collaborating with others and how to create our own family history maps. I have visited most streets where ancestors lived and found views of the homes. Liz tells us about selling used textbooks and duplicate genealogy books via These articles represent only a small portion of this 51 page January/February 2008 issue which includes software reviews. DG is viewable in a PDF format which gives readers the ability to increase/decrease the size of the print.

The DG website allows curious genealogists to read the sample first issue of the DG from 2006. Other back issues are available for $4.00 via PayPal and the T of Cs are online. A one year subscription is only $20.00 and can be processed online.

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