Still need a 2011 Calendar? Even better, a genealogy one?

Everyday Genealogy 2011” should fit the bill! Each day of the tear-off desk calendar gives a genealogy tip, website, blog, history fact, or other tidbit useful to genealogists.

Everyday Genealogy is available on Amazon or on its own website Pattie Schultz, the creator, says “there is also an iPhone version available on iTunes. There are research tips covering all 50 states, suggestions for getting family members involved, connecting through social networks, monthly blogs and book recommendation and much more. The best part is 99% of the suggestions refer users to FREE sites.”

It is now priced at $9.99. Be sure to check out September 1st for a mention of this very blog! My calendar is sitting right next to me on my desk. Today’s entry reminds us to check for the many useful genealogy videos on

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