Isanti County, Minnesota history destroyed

Grab a box of tissues because you will need them after you read this. The Isanti County Minnesota Historical Society’s building was totally destroyed by an arson fire early this morning. According to the Princeton Union-Eagle newspaper, it’s a total loss. Documents, artifacts, publications, and more are gone forever.

Check here to see the many items we will never again have access to. Read all the way to the bottom of the page. I don’t have any known ancestral connections to Isanti County, but my heart is breaking for those who do.

Bottom line is that history has been destroyed due to some selfish person or persons. Why? What did they gain from this? It’s a loss of individual, family, community, county, and state history.

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2 comments on “Isanti County, Minnesota history destroyed

  1. Sometimes I wonder if crimes committed against history (like this arson, or cemetery desecration) are investigated and prosecuted as fully as they would be if the crime was against a living person. If not, it should be…

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