Proud to announce a Civil War Prisoners website

I received a very special email tonight. It was about a friend’s years of work being preserved and even better, being shared. I first met fellow Minnesotans Jack and Carol Lundquist in the 1990s when they joined us on the group research trips we used to lead to the Family History Library. I would still see them when we had occasional trip reunions. Sadly, Jack passed away a few years ago. Carol wanted his special research projects preserved and I am happy to announce that she has done just that. Jack loved history and especially that surrounding the Civil War. One of Carol’s Civil War ancestors was imprisoned during the Civil War. 
Carol wrote to me: “You know how important Jack’s Civil War research (obsession?) was to him.  Well, I’m thrilled to announce the birth of  It’s up and live and I’m already getting some very nice feedback from some of the Civil War groups that Jack worked with.  After two years, I feel like I can breathe again knowing that his work is preserved – it’s really been weighing on me.Jack never would have cared about a website, but I wanted to be sure and preserve his work.”  
What is it? Jack worked long and hard to document Civil War prisoners at Andersonville and Cahaba. Because more than 800 prisoners from Cahaba perished when the steamboat Sultana exploded in 1865. As the website says: “Jack combined a lifelong love of history, especially the Civil War, with a mind that loved crunching data. After retirement in 1990 he initially set out to research only the Sultana Disaster with the aim of compiling the most accurate list of names of those who were on the ship. This soon expanded into researching Cahaba Prison, and then Andersonville as well as other Southern prisons such as Salisbury and Florence.”
Check out Jack (and Carol’s work): – Main Page

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