October is Family History Month

Isn’t every month? Many libraries, historical societies, archives, and genealogical societies celebrate Family History Month each October with special events. What are you doing for Family History Month? I urge you to do something this month to honor the importance of family history. Need a few prompts? Here they are:

  • Now’s the time to write a short biography of a favorite ancestor. Don’t forget to include the sources of the details you write about. You will probably be starting a task list of more research to do as you compile this biography.
  • Schedule a few days this month or parts of days to work on your collection of photos (both in the overstuffed drawer and on your computer).
  • Talk to a family member about some aspect of family history. It might be one of the photos you rediscovered or the bio you wrote. Maybe it’s asking a few questions about their memories of a deceased relative. 
  • Visit at least one courthouse, archive, or genealogy library to do some research or at least learn more about the place.
  • Visit at least one subscription and one no charge online genealogy site that you haven’t checked in a while. There may be something new to discover. 
  • Don’t know what some of the abbreviations are in this post? It’s a good month to learn.
  • Read a guidebook. A book printed on paper. A how-to do genealogy guidebook. Make notes on things you want to research as you are reminded of them during the reading.
  • What can you do to help others continue to learn about family history? Maybe volunteer to do something for your area genealogical society?
  • Take out your calendar or open up the one on your computer
    • Add upcoming genealogical meetings, conferences, and seminars to it. Look at SLIG, RootsTech, NGS, NIGR, IGHR, GRIP, FGS, and others
    • Look for upcoming webinars to add to it.
    • See what your local historical or genealogical society is offering during October. Maybe it’s a lunchtime lecture, a tour, or special class.

Next month I will let you know what I did during Family History Month.

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