Historic and unique barns in Minnesota

I love to just get in the car and drive out of the city on county roads and highways rather than always being on the interstate. The great variety of barns that I see is one reason, though I do not descend from a family of farmers. One of the first genealogy lectures I attended way back in the 1980s was about types of barns that were built by our ancestors. Last month as I drove on I-94 through Wisconsin, I noticed that one of my favorite barns had either collapsed or was being torn down. It was always a beacon with it’s lower level windows lit up in the very early morning hours.

One online news source here in Minnesota has been running a series of articles about places, things, and heritage in general pertaining to history in Minnesota. This past March it was about barns and if you want to share in my joy at reading this it’s on Minnesota Post. Unfortunately, I missed the exhibition that the article discusses.


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