June 15th reminds me of yellow, as in everything in my childhood

a 1956 Mom rakingYellow. That was my Mom’s favorite color. Today would have been her 89th birthday. I grew up in a yellow house with a yellow fence. I helped repaint that house and fence many times.

When I was a child she even had a yellow convertible.  She had a favorite yellow suit. I remember other yellow things and I think she liked yellow chiffon cake just because it was yellow. I am guessing that her jacket in the picture on the right was yellow.

I hated yellow.

My Mom was a perfectionist. Family history research helped me figure out some reasons for that. That is a story for another time.

So, why did she have a kitchen that was mostly grey and red? I don’t have an answer to that.

I guess I must take after my Mom in some ways. I now like yellow and the accent color in my kitchen is red. I wish you were here to see it, Mom. But only if the Alzheimer’s wasn’t present and that it hadn’t contributed to your death in 2008.

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2 comments on “June 15th reminds me of yellow, as in everything in my childhood

  1. Dad’s favorite color was yellow, too. Yellow shirts, yellow golf slacks, yellow socks, etc. I’d say it was in the genes, but he was related through your dad, not your mom :>)

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