Presentations update: Paula is definitely available for your event

I was asked if I had stopped doing presentations for genealogy and history organizations. Not at all. I simply took off most of the first half of 2017. I turned down invitations, didn’t promote my lectures as much, and took the time off to do some catching up.

2016 was an amazingly busy year. I was involved in some heavy-duty research on court cases, did many presentations around the U.S., had a huge mess in my apartment after a sewage backup and lots of repairs, and most of all, our entire family was in the midst of taking care of an ill family member. He is improving, the kitchen is almost redone (for a second time), and now I am catching up on client work and reporting. I had to cut back on volunteer work and I had a good excuse for not dusting my apartment! Sorting and recycling many years of work paper accumulation is already being done.

As you can see by my speaking calendar on this website, I have a few presentations yet this spring but come July – November, I may be in your location.

Thus, if you need a speaker for your genealogical, historical, social, civic, or other event, check out my speaking calendar and lecture topics on this website, and contact me for complete details. The email is on those pages. I am already under contract for two events in 2018 and a third one is nearing contract status. Don’t miss out on the date your organization needs!

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