This website and blog are back online!

Yes, I had paid my bills! Several glitches had occurred in October and this past weekend were worked out and I am back to sharing information.

I hadn’t even noticed until several people let me know. I was busy meeting multiple work deadlines that all converged on November 1st. I especially thank Cyndi Ingle of for her help on this.

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4 comments on “This website and blog are back online!

  1. DNA – 23 and me
    three of my cousins took that test and helped my daughter given up 33 years ago find me. Since I know nothing about the test except having seen one result that did not make sense to me, I am forever grateful. Am not sure what the brand was. I had prayed for her every day and missed her a lot.

    Now, will be paying more attention to DNA. They had a lot of family names both mom and dad’s side.

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