From a five-story fall to the Irish origins of one woman: genealogical analysis and deep research

If you get a chance now that it’s online at Legacy Family Tree Webinars, be sure to view/listen to the 19 March webinar by Debbie Mieszala titled “The Five-story Fall: Correlating Indirect and Direct Evidence to Extend the Pedigree.” Excellent step-by-step case study of a research process to solve the parentage of a woman who died in NYC, but her Irish origins were found by dedicated analysis, comparison of associates, and research in three countries. It gave me some ideas on my own Irish family.

Check out this webinar here sponsored by the Board for Certification of Genealogists. You will be amazed at the twists and turns. If you don’t get a chance to view this during this next week it’s online for free, consider a subscription to the almost 900 webinars. My affiliate link to the subscription form is

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