10 years of GRIP: 2021 will be virtual

Ten years ago, four course coordinators sat at a table with the directors and discussed the very first Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh (GRIP). We were having dinner with Deb Deal and Elissa Scalise Powell who were the architects of GRIP. The first four coordinators were the late John T. Humphrey and Thomas W. Jones, Paula Stuart-Warren, and D. Joshua Taylor. It was a true discussion as the directors asked questions, we listened, we answered, we asked questions and made suggestions, and the directors then discussed those with us. They listened and acted on things we suggested. It was wonderful.

Ten years later, GRIP is still growing strong. 2020 and the year of the Pandemic saw GRIP being held virtually. That caring for the health and safety of all of us did not slow it down. In fact, GRIP rocked from all reports! 2021 is the Tenth Anniversary of GRIP and it will again be virtual. You do not want to miss being a part of the celebration and great education.

Check out the GRIP website, review the courses, make some choices for both weeks, and be ready for the online registration in February. https://www.gripitt.org

May I suggest checking out the June 20-25th week course that Icoordinate and teach in : Digging Deeper: Records, Tools, and Skills.

I will also be teaching 3 classes that week in Cari Taplin’s course: The Spirit of the Inland Seas: Research in the Great Lakes Region

It’s important to fully read the Registration page so that you are ready on February 17th!

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