Upcoming genealogy handouts and webinars

My current workload includes updating handouts and PowerPoint slides for four webinars next week and two for the first weekend in October. It always amazes me how many website addresses need to be updated. I am always pleased at new records found online for each of the presentation subjects and love to share that with audiences. My handouts and presentations always reflect some records, books, repositories, and indexes related to the location of the sponsoring organization. We all know that location also includes people from many ancestral locations and I address that, too.

With online presentations, that enables people from many states in the U.S. to join us and often registrants join from other countries. Isn’t it amazing that genealogy education has easly adapted to the webinar concept! I’ve also been involved in full-day or multi-day seminars and conferences  via virtual formats.

If you’d like to know more about my upcoming presentations and register for the events online, view my speaking calendar http://genealogybypaula.com/speaking/speaking-calendar/

Maybe I will see some of you online next week!

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