The 1921 census of England and Wales is coming to us on January 6, 2022!

20th Century family in England and Wales? The 1921 census for those places will be released online at Findmypast in cooperation with the UK National Archives on January 6, 2022. Said to show 8.5 million households and 38 million people, this means lots of good researching. I will have to delve into it for the families of my own Copping line and for the Tresise and related lines of my grandchildren. Read more and How valuable is this? The Press Release I received from Findmypast includes: “What makes the 1921 Census even more vital is that it will be the last census release for England and Wales for 30 years, with the 1931 Census lost in a fire and the 1941 Census never taken.”

My friend, Audrey Collins, a Research Specialist employed by the UK National Archives, says “A more accurate title would be ‘Census of England & Wales, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, merchant vessels in the vicinity of England, Wales, Isle of Man and Channel Islands, Royal Navy, ships worldwide, and British Army and RAF bases overseas’.” Any surprise why a shortened title is used!


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