Legacy Family Tree Genealogy Webinars for 2022

Excellent news for genealogy education in 2022! The 2022 Legacy Family Trees and MyHeritage Webinar series is now open for registration. It’s the 13th year of these and the array of topics is astounding. What’s included? Presentations include specific countries, specific U.S. states (this time I am doing one on Michigan), DNA, technology, methodology, organizing, and many others. 

All live webinars are free and their recordings are free to watch for the first seven (7) days. To register for these, click here. for the website. BUT with a full webinar membership ($49.95 for a full year) you get these additional benefits:

  • Access to 1) all the existing 1,600+ classes in the library, 2) plus the 180+ webinars that will be added during the 2022 season, 3) plus any additional bonus members-only webinars (hundreds of these so far) – all available for the duration of your membership
  • Access to all 6,100+ pages of instructors’ handouts plus the new handouts of the 2022 season
  • Chat logs from the live webinars
  • Chance for a bonus subscribers-only door prize during each live webinar
  • Advanced navigation of videos with playlists and chapters
  • Exclusive section for all webinars you’ve registered for
  • Option to bookmark your favorites
  • Additional 5% off anything at FamilyTreeWebinars.com

Using my affiliate link to become a member helps to support my blog and website. I receive a small percentage of the $49.95 fee.  http://legacy.familytreewebinars.com/?aid=1739

For more details and some special new items for 2022, check the press release. 

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