Legacy Family Tree Webinars 24-hour marathon

A 24-hour marathon of webinars is taking place NOW through Legacy Family Tree Webinars. The presentations are free when first given and after a couple days, will be available for 1-week for free. 

Most presentations include a handout but those are only available to those who have a Legacy Family Tree Webinars. What does a $49.95 membership do for you?

  • Access at any time to the library of 1,700+ past webinars
  • Access at any time to the 6,400+ pages of handouts
  • 5% discount on items in the store
  • Access to chat logs from webinars
  • First door prize chance during live webinars
  • More details at https://familytreewebinars.com/

This makes sense education-wise and budget-wise. Consider joining today and please use my affiliate membership link to help support my own blog. http://legacy.familytreewebinars.com/?aid=1739


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