Genealogy overload but Looking forward to GRIP 2023!

It’s been a month since I posted on here and I have many reasons why. Nothing bad or sad, just lots of work deadlines, some good family stuff, and my own birthday that passed without any celebration due to that work. In the past week alone, I have done 15 virtual presentations. Each presentation involves creation or updating of the handout material and the PowerPoint presentation. Some take several days for this and that has been preceded by extensive research. None of the above sentences is meant as a complaint because I love all this. 

In June, I was an instructor during the June week of the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh (GRIP) in a course coordinated by Cari Taplin, CG. This past week I have been the coordinator and an instructor in my own GRIP course “Digging Deeper.” The 31 students were amazing as was our course tech person, Lois Mackin. Cyndi Ingle, Debbie Mieszala, and Cari Taplin each presented some great sessions in the course. Debbie Deal and Elissa Salise Powell are the ever-working GRIP directors. Cyndi Ingle was the main tech guru for GRIP, and she kept us going all week. I can’t begin to show enough thanks to each of them. 

I am not checking my calendar to see when my next virtual presentation occurs. It’s rest and family time for a week.  Guess what!  I have signed a contract to coordinate my GRIP course virtually the week of 18-13 June 2023. All the GRIP scheduled courses are in the image below. 

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