MyHeritage and adding bio, adoptive, and foster parents!

Day by day, week by week, month by month our genealogy websites change, update, add, configure, and other things behind the scenes that we don’t even see! What? Nothing stays the same on a given site as technology changes. I appreciate that companies keep working to keep things running. Then there are the things that are NEW additions that are really needed. The word family doesn’t always have the same meaning as we might have given it when we were young. For some, the word family may have been a bad emotional trigger. My family life as I was growing up was not too bad. I’m the first-born, just 9 months after my parents were married! I have friends who were adopted and others who have adopted or fostered some really cool children. 

Two days ago, MyHeritage announced one of these important updates:

“Families come in all shapes and sizes. MyHeritage users can now specify up to three sets of parents for any individual in the online family tree: biological, adoptive, and foster. For example, if an individual was adopted and his or her biological parents are known, both relationships can now be accommodated in the family tree in a few simple steps.”

Read more about it on the MyHeritage Blog


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