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My usual near-by research repositories are closed or have limited access due to the pandemic. At this point, I will not be traveling to do research nor will I be doing any in-person research for at least the next several months. I do have subscriptions to many genealogy and newspaper websites, know about many that are “hidden” away in libraries and historical societies, and have subcontractors that can be called up as needed. Many of your research needs can still be handled.

One of the gifts I love to share with research clients is my love of the task and solving U.S. and Canadian research issues. My many years of experience helping clients from all over the world to analyze their family history, develop research plans, doing some of the research for them, and sending them a comprehensive report, has given me a broad knowledge of the many aspects and records involved in genealogy research. I have researched many generations and locations for individual clients. Placing families back together brings me joy. The many hours spent in courthouses, archives, libraries and historical societies has yielded generational linkages, found missing siblings of great grandfathers, enabled probate cases to be finalized, and brought smiles to my clients and to me! I have researched onsite in many states and my search skills continue to find online gems that clients may have overlooked. Other clients have been law firms and Native American tribes and individuals seeking to solve tribal enrollment issues, broaden knowledge of records for Native American research, and for some to prove or disprove the family story of that Native American great grandmother.

There are many ways I am able to assist you with your research needs. The rest of this page provides many ideas.

What is a research client?

This is a genealogist who recognizes that additional research help is needed. There are many reasons for hiring a professional genealogist to assist you with your family history research and I love to help clients with these tasks.

We all wish we could travel to the places our ancestors lived so we could do onsite research. There are many factors that may prevent this. Thus, there are times when it makes sense to use the services of a professional. You may use these services individually, as a group of researchers, or a family organization may work together with a professional. Do you know about all the records, places to find them, what years they cover, and about the “hidden” indexes and databases for a distant state? This is another time that a professional genealogist is the idea person to assist you.

You can utilize a professional to do research on your behalf
●    Locating, working in, and copying specific records and indexes that you can’t travel to in courthouses, libraries, historical societies, state archives, the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, the National Archives, and repositories worldwide
●    Conducting more in-depth research in a range of records for a specific geographic area
●    Locating the original records to back up information you found online

You can use a professional to provide consultation (not necessarily research) services in person, by phone, e-mail, regular mail, Skype, or a Google Hangout on such areas as  
●    General “what do I do next?” advice
●    Specific research problems, confusing or conflicting records
●    Explaining a resource or record that is new to you
●    Updates on new resources, changes in access, laws, and technology
●    Which repositories, websites, books, seminars, conferences, or trips might be worthwhile
●    Help on how to get started in their geographic area
●    Information on specialty sources in their area

You can work with a professional directly in many other ways to
●    Organize the folders, albums, piles, or boxes of material you have gathered
●    Organize your electronic files and emails
●    Guide you in developing a research plan
●    Explain the area’s records and the laws that have impacted them over the years
●    Locate and be a go-between long lost or estranged family members
●    Orient you to a specific record repository or work with you side-by-side in that facility
●    Assist or guide an individual or group research trip
●    Give hands-on assistance in using new equipment, technology, systems, or software,
●    Help evaluate evidence, determining when a relationship or event is sufficiently “proven”
●    Help prepare membership applications for hereditary societies
●    Assist in obtaining hard-to-access records
●    Organize, write, edit, or publish your family history
●    Consult on organizing or operating a genealogical or family/surname society, a special research project, or planning educational programs
●    Research a specific artifact and help to determine the original owner and background on the owner and the artifact you plan to purchase or already have in your possession
●    Help you and your family plan and run a family reunion
●    Teach you effective ways to use the Internet or databases
●    Interview (using audio and/or video) individuals who live a distance from you

Do you have or suspect you have Native American ancestry?

I can help you with that type of research. I have had many individual clients, tribes, and law firms hire me in the area of Native American research in many parts of the U.S.  I have access to many records and databases and know where to access others.

Contact me if your genealogy needs fit any of these categories and I will send you details about how to hire me and how the costs are structured.

9 comments on “Research Services

  1. Hello! I found your information on
    My father has been able to track our lineage on his side, but my mother’s side is a bit more complicated. There were adoptions, foster care, and tribal affiliations.
    I wanted to inquire about your services, prices, research capabilities with Mayan tribes that came into Texas (probable tribal affiliations in the states)?

    Thank you for your time.

  2. Paula, you did some preliminary research for me in the 1970s and I have continued that on until now. At 75 I realize I will need some help to complete some branches, especially my wife’s Irish ancestors.

    We live in Woodbury, Mn and I have met you before. I have my tree on FTM and Ancestry and as I know you are an expert in record keeping perhaps you still have a file on the research you did earlier.

    Please email me and we can get to more specifics as to how you can help us.

    1. Nice to hear from you! Yes, I do keep past client files. You are not the first to contact me many years afterward! However, they are stacked several banker boxes high in my storage unit. But they are labeled. I will email you separately.

  3. Hi Paula,
    I’m looking for a genealogist to help me trace my native american roots. My mother was a foster child, and it’s been difficult for us to find information about her birth parents, siblings, and ancestry. I would love your help! Can you please give info about hiring you and price? Thanks!

  4. Hi Paula, my name is Rita Samaniego Steward. I’m doing my family tree and I’m stuck. I can’t find my great grandparents. They were born in Mexico. My dad has pasted away but always said his grandma was Apache. Can you help me find my great grandparents from Mexico? I’ve always been attached to Native American customs. I did a DNA, with and found out I’m 47% Native American, so now I’m wanting to find my roots, my people. I’m so excited.
    My phone number is 806-654-8043, I’m from Texas and so was all my grandparents.

    1. Hi Rita,

      Congratulations on your DNA results and a proud heritage. You would be better served by beginning with a researcher in Texas or nearby the state.
      Check the online directories of researchers of the Board for Certification of Genealogists or the Association of Professional Genealogists for such a researchers. Enjoy the journey!

  5. Hello Paula

    My name is Sotero M Lopez II. I found your name from

    My family and I have been trying to find the tribe and reservation of my grandfather. His name is Cristobal Lopez. His dad was from Mexico (Natividad Lopez) and his mom was 100% Native American Indian Maria Rodgers or Rogers. From what I understand her father was a chief.

    My grandfather said he resented the way his people was treated so he never told any of his 12 children what tribe he belonged to. He says he registered when he was about 10 years old. He was born in Des Moines IA according to his birth certificate. I have it but not in front of me now. I believe he was born in 1903. He remembers standing in line when he was about 10 to register. He said they had to take a ferry across water to the reservation. Perhaps there is a bridge now? Or if its still there.

    The birth certificate says he mom was from Wyoming. My dad has a copy from years ago and it said she was from the Dakotas. My family believes he was Cherokee and swears by it but Cherokees are not in that area based on what I read. My dad said when my grandpa drank alcohol he would talk in his native tongue. My dad knew a Sioux and repeated it to him and he said it was Sioux.

    My grandfather was about 6 ft tall and very light complected. He left the reservation at about 12-14 years old. There is a story that his sister’s husband was beating her and he shot him and left the reservation and left to take care of himself on his own. He left a family about about 8 siblings from what we heard.

    I was about to order a DNA test from and i researched more and found you. I thought maybe the test would narrow my search. I dont have time to research or the patience.

    Is this something you can help me with? What do you charge?

    Thank you so much!

    My cell is 586-863-3300

    I live in Michigan

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