Genealogical Lecture Topics

Paula Stuart-Warren, CG℠, FMGS, FUGA

Some of these lectures can be tweaked to reflect specific geographic areas where the seminar will be presented.


Research Methodology & Aids

Other Topics

Specific Repositories & Geographic Areas

German, Irish, and Native American

Professional Genealogy Lectures

  • Branch Out: Expanding Your Business Beyond Client Research
  • The BUSINESS of Speaking
  • Structuring a Successful Genealogical Research Business
  • Becoming a Successful Professional Genealogist

Genealogical and Historical Society Topics

  • It Ain’t Brain Surgery! Publicity for Society Events & Activities
  • Creating the Operating Handbook Your Society Needs
  • Increasing Attendance at Your Annual Seminar or Conference
  • Problem Prevention and Problem Resolution
  • Twenty­-First Century Strategies for Handling Society Correspondence
  • Your Society Can’t Afford to Do A Seminar? Here’s How!

Luncheon & Banquet Presentations

These are lighter talks with a message and include humor. They are a perfect length (25­-30 minutes) for a banquet, luncheon, or at the end of a seminar day. I am willing to provide one of these at no extra cost if done on the day or evening of the event or the previous evening.

  • Prepared? Of Course! Genealogical Research Trips & Murphy’s Law
  • Why Do I Descend From THESE Families?
  • How I Fell Into Writing and Can’t Climb Out
  • Names and Genealogy? Mine? Yours? Theirs?
  • The Best Ask for Help
  • How to “Drag” Your Family into Genealogy

Note: Capsule descriptions are available for most titles listed on this page. Please don’t hesitate to ask for others.

Updated July 2017

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