Drive-In Movie Memories and Lists

Some of you are old enough to remember when there were drive-in movies everywhere. My childhood favorite outdoor theater has been replaced by a grocery store, an office supply store, a Mexican restaurant and by one of my favorite bagel places.

There are still some of these drive-ins in use today. I started writing this post after reading one of the Minneapolis StarTribune’s blogs: I love nostalgia. This article had a link to “Cinema History Around the World” that has lists of current regular and drive-in movie theaters as well as long list of those demolished or simply out of business. Check it out at

I agree with the blog author, James Lileks, about the childhood memories. We always had to be in our pj’s before going to the drive-in. As we got older we did object to this! It was so much fun if there was money to visit the snack bar — otherwise we brought our own kool-aid and popcorn.

My 3 youngest grandchildren who live about 2.5 hours north of me are taking turns staying with me in the next few weeks. I promised to take them to a drive-in, the food kind, which will be a new experience for them. We still have a few in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area that have the speaker type order boxes and the food order is delivered to your car. I wonder if I can find a drive-in movie with something suitable for them?

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