Novels with a genealogy connection

Pam Eagleson, CG, from Maine, shared details on a book with some genealogical research connections. From time to time I will post info on such books or movies on this blog. Please share your favorites. (Send to

“My book group just finished reading David Baldacci’s Wish You Well (2000, first trade edition 2007). It is totally different than any thing he’s ever written and he said in an interview a couple of months ago on CBS’s Sunday Morning that it is his favorite book. It’s basically a novel he wrote after doing several oral history interviews with his mother. He writes of how important chronicling the history of one’s family is — of the countless hours researching his own family’s history. He warns that there are so many people who have either lost family memories forever or who are perilously close to doing so. The last section of this new trade edition includes a section with photos on his family research, a reading group guide and getting started on your family tree. Check out his website and follow the link on the left side to the Other Writing section and click on Essays and then the second one on Origins of Wish You Well. FYI-He used the Library of Virginia extensively in his research for this novel. He lives in Richmond. This book is now required reading in several schools.”

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