Everything is all moved

As of Tuesday afternoon, I am all moved. Notice I did not say unpacked! I just know that one of these boxes contains the pen and pencil cup for my desk. The movers were a fantastic group of guys. I did enjoy the look on their faces when they walked into my apartment and saw the multiple rows (stacked 3 high) of boxes. Then I explained that many of them contained my “library.” With all the boxes of reference books, periodicals, electronic equipment, 25 years of client files, lecture files, and stationery items, and all the personal mementos a genealogist saves, they gave their muscles a workout. Of course, I had to browse through boxes of things that were in the back of the closet. I saved many things way before I caught that genealogy bug. I found ticket stubs from date movies, a ticket from a play that was more boring than boring, drawings from my own children and grandchildren, a dried corsage from a prom, poetry written for me, greeting cards, “things” from family vacations, baby books, and a lot of other fun stuff. A couple boxes of old love letters and cards have been taped shut with packing tape — taped around and around. Too many of the grandchildren know how to read. I won’t toss them, but they are not ready to read them quite yet!

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