The World Series

Twenty years ago this week I sat in the stands at the Metrodome in Minneapolis and watched the Minnesota Twins win the World Series. The Twins beat the St. Louis Cardinals 4 games to 3. In that twenty years, I have met some wonderful friends in St. Louis, but that win was so exciting that I just can’t apologize to all of you! In 1987, my daughter worked security for the Twins and had the opportunity to purchase tickets. We jumped at the chance, even thought the seats were wayyyyyy up there in the stands. Katie had a better view for part of the Series — from her job vantage point at the edge of the bullpen. I may have to dig out my Twins sweatshirt from 1987!

I have been a baseball fan since the early 1960s when the Washington Senators moved to Minnesota and became the Minnesota Twins. With no brothers, my sisters and I learned to love the games our father loved.

Tonight I watched the Boston Red Sox win over the Colorado Rockies, 13-1. A genealogy colleague in Boston, Josh Taylor, sent me a message that as he sat in his Boston apartment, he could hear the fans cheering when the Sox scored runs.

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