Researching Irish Ancestry

Want to learn more about your Irish ancestry?

  • The 2006 Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference in Boston had many lectures on Irish research. For downloads of 60 Irish related lectures, visit here. These lectures can be downloaded as packages or by single lecture.

  • The Irish Genealogical Society International offers a research library and classes. One Saturday a month, Irish assistance is offered in the library. Under the research tab, an extensive links section takes you to many websites for Irish research, culture, and history.

  • For many more Irish research, cultural, historical and travel links, use your favorite search engine to open up a world of information.

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1 comments on “Researching Irish Ancestry

  1. There are a lot of resources out there regarding Irish Ancestry. I have gotten a lot of useage out of my Indexes to Irish Wills and Irish Church Records.

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