Alive and breathing!

Yes, I have been silent. Working all day, moving, unpacking, and working on things for my son’s wedding — just not any more hours left for blogging right now. I love my new home and have not unpacked all the books yet. I attended a shower for my almost daughter-in-law a few days ago and had a great time. We had dinner at a German restaurant in Stillwater, Minnesota (Gasthouse Bavarian Hunter) and it was fabulous as usual. She loved her gifts. My 14 year old granddaughter wrote a very sweet note to her almost step-mother and we all had tears when it was read.

I will do a posting above this with some links to recent press releases about wonderful things in the genealogical world. This time you will have to read the links to get the full stories I don’t have time to discuss right now. They are exciting things!

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