The Oldest Genealogical Society in Florida

The Florida Genealogical Society (Tampa) celebrated its 50th anniversary this past weekend. I was honored to be the speaker on Friday night at the banquet and for the seminar on Saturday. I met many nice people and my hosts George Morgan and Drew Smith treated me royally.

I thought I would mention this society so that snow birds from the U.S. and Canada remember that there are many genealogical societies in Florida and Arizona with monthly meetings and seminars during the time you escape the snows in the northern climes. If you winter in other warmer states, you will find groups there. Some sponsor trips to research places in their areas. This would be a good way to keep involved in genealogy during your time away from your main home. You might even be lucky enough to find some kind of index, book, or database that includes distant relatives or is a book that you didn’t find in your home area libraries.

To find such societies look at the FGS Society Hall,, or type into your favorite search engine, the name of the county or city where you will be wintering along with other terms such as genealogy, genealogical, and society. There are are also many online listings of genealogical events.

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